Sponsor requirements:
Network: 99% uptime at least(must be stable, backbones are prefer)
CPU: one core at least
Memory: 512MB RAM at least
Hard disk: 5GB storage at least
Transfer: 30GB per month at least
Operating System: Ubuntu server / Debian

If you want to sponsor VPS in new location, we are glad to add your website & URL to our sponsors list.
Please reply email to info[at]super-ping.com and send details below:

Back link name:(Your website or company name in English or native language)
Link URL:(Such as "http://www.super-ping.com/")
Datacenter location:(Such as "Paris, France")
VPS IP & root password & control panel:(If IPv6 is ready, please send IPv6 together, Super-Ping.com for IPv6 is coming soon...)